Music Flash Cards


I wrote this app mostly because I couldn’t find a good sight reading app in the app store and I also wanted to learn how to build a phone app.

This was my first windows phone app. I had a lot of fun creating it. And I’m pretty sure that my sight reading improved a lot while coding/testing it!

If you are a user, I hope that it helped you with your reading too!

If you have any suggestions for new features or would like to report something that isn’t working quite right, head on over to my UserVoice page and let me know.





  • Minor changes and bug fixes


  • Note sounds are now played in Flash Card mode
  • Added auto-flip to Flash Card mode
  • Add other small features and fixes
  • ****I had to reset Top Scores list since there was a bug in the SPEED mode timer. A minute elapsed differently depending on the device.


  • Added pause game functionality to SPEED mode
  • You can now change the note range in SPEED mode.

1 Response to Music Flash Cards

  1. Dob Balla says:

    Best app ever. Please make it run for android also. You can use xamarin to port it. There is no app like this there.

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