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Simple IDataReader ORM extension methods

Instead of deploying an entire ORM solution and because I’m lazy, I created (read: google-distilled) these simple extension methods to map an IDataReader into a IEnumerable<T>. So basically, I can map any result set (that is an IDataReader) into a … Continue reading

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My Regex Function Parser

AND THEY SAID IT COULDN’T BE DONE!… or was that “shouldn’t”? Oh well, in any case, here is a FunctionParser I made to parse text functions. For example, this: would output: “Here is my text. It has some text in … Continue reading

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Using C# delegates with ASP.NET data caching

When using the data cache in ASP.NET, the standard practice is to:¬† Check if the¬†object exists in the data cache If not, then create/generate object and store the new object in the cache for the next time Return the object … Continue reading

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