Debugging Classic ASP with Visual Studio 2010

In order to be able to set breakpoints that actually work in classic ASP with Visual Studio 2010, here are the steps i had to take.
1. Install WebMatrix (in order to get IISExpress)
2. Right-click the website project and choose “Use IISExpress”.
3. Go to the project properties (F4 when project highlighted)
4. Set “SSL Enabled” to True
5. Open the applicationhost.config found here: c:\Users\YOU\Documents\IISExpress\config\
6. Under <system.webServer> change the <asp> section to be:
<asp appAllowDebugging="true" appAllowClientDebug="true" scriptErrorSentToBrowser="true">
<cache diskTemplateCacheDirectory="%TEMP%\iisexpress\ASP Compiled Templates" />
<limits />
7. Close/open Visual Studio
8. Run the project “without debugging” (Ctrl+F5)
9. Browse to the HTTPS URL https://localhost:44300/
10. Attach to the IISExpress process manually (Ctrl+Alt+P)
11. Make sure the checkboxes for “Show processes from all users” and “Show processes in all sessions” are both checked
12. Choose “iisexpress.exe” and Attach
You should be good to go.

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1 Response to Debugging Classic ASP with Visual Studio 2010

  1. Angelo Di Varro says:

    Nice article. Very well written, and to the point.
    Before VS2010 came out, it was really difficult to debug classic asp with VS2008 for instance, when it simply wouldn’t attach to process. So maybe this will help fellow developers stuck with classic asp. I’ve been using team remote asp debugger ( I think it’s still at ) for years now. I think it’s the only classic asp debugger standing. What I remember is that it doesn’t even attach to iis. Which saved me back in the day. Hope this helps, and keep it up!

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